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IMEx data

  • A non-redundant set of protein-protein interaction data from a broad taxonomic range of organisms
  • Expertly curated from direct submissions or peer-reviewed journals to a consistent high standard.
  • Available in standard formats MITAB or PSI-MI XML 2.5
  • Provided by a network of participating major public domain databases.


Citing IMEx

Orchard, S., et al.

Protein interaction data curation: the International Molecular Exchange (IMEx) consortium Nat Methods 2012, 9, 345-350



IMEx was previously funded by the European Commission under PSIMEx, contract number FP7-HEALTH-2007-223411



BHF-UCL 10th IMEx Partner

The UCL cardiovascular gene annotation initiative is now the latest member of the IMEx consortium.
This group is focusing on manually capturing experimental data from the cardiovascular-related literature and submitting this to the IntAct public dataset at EBI. This data is then incorporated into the IMEx Consortium dataset. These annotations will contribute to the expansion and development of the existing PPI network and advance our knowledge about protein interactions within the cardiovascular system.


2014 HUPO-PSI meeting

Registration is now open for the 2014 HUPO-PSI workshop - please attend (registration is free) & contribute to the molecular interactions worktrack



 IMEx Overview Video

An overview of the IMEx website is now available on youtube here