IMEx data

  • A non-redundant set of physical molecular interaction data from a broad taxonomic range of organisms.
  • Expertly curated from direct submissions, peer-reviewed journals or pre-prints to a consistent high standard.
  • Available in standard formats MITAB or PSI-MI XML 3.0
  • Provided by a network of participating major public domain databases.


3rd June 2024: 1.5 million interactions available curated to the IMEx Consortium standards

As of 3rd June 2024, more than 1.5 million molecular interactions are available for search and download from the IMEx website and from Consortium member websites. Curated to IMEx standard, it includes information on binding sites, the effect of point mutations on interactions, as well as contextual information such cell lines and any agonist/antagonist treatment, when available.

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Citing IMEx

Porras P. et al.

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